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Black and White Experiment

Hey, friends!  So I’ve been working on expanding my skill in the B&W type images.

What do you think?

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Thanks again to Sally Matsukawa (Owner of Toy Elephant Photography) and amazing musician Lane Eddington for this one.

Model Lane Eddington Model Photography: Toy Elephant Photography

Model: Lane Eddington Model Photography: Toy Elephant Photography

I really want to thank Elisabeth Donaldson (Model and Owner of Monarch Clothing) and Sally Matsukawa (Owner of Toy Elephant Photography) for making this image possible!

Model: Elisabeth Donaldson Model Photography: Toy Elephant Photography


Happy Mother’s Day!

Yes, I know I’m early but… is it really ever too early to celebrate the magic of Motherhood?  I think not.  To all those Mother’s out there who inspire more love than fear, more hope than apathy, more self-determinism than submission, and more joy than hate…I salute you!

Here is some images I created for just this occasion.  I hope you enjoy! (and let me know if you want some prints!  I had a limited run made! email: [email protected] )




In my universe Easter is a very important day indeed.

Easter, developed from the Old English word Ēastre or Ēostre, which came for the ancient German, “Ostern”  which was from the name of Germanic Goddess of the Dawn Ôstara.  Whereas the Christians use this one day to celebrate the return of Jesus to life, the origin of Easter is much much older.  It used to be a month long celebration of the sun’s return from where ever it hid in the winter months called Eostur-monað (or Easter Month  in modern English).

Whatever your beliefs may be, this day (that was once a month) is a time of rebirth, revitalization, and the precursor to the Season of Love…Spring.  I humbly suggest that you make this day special by celebrating your friends and loved ones and letting them know what they really mean to you.  In fact, why not use Easter as a time of year to remind you to do this every day.

Much Love from me to you!


Hello Universe!

Well, my friends, I’ve been told that I need a website, and here it is…ish.  There’s still a lot to do, and much to learn.

More soon!

Much Love,


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